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In olden times every Hindu family in Kerala has a serpent-grove. Mannarsala, situated to the north-west of Sri.Subramanyaswamy temple, Haripad, is the seat of the famous temple of Nagaraja (God of Serpents), the largest of its kind in Kerala. Built in a grove the temple is reputed for having 30,000 images of snake-Gods. On the day of Ayilliam asterism in the months of Kanni and Thulam (September and October), all the serpent idols in the grove and the temple are taken in procession to the illam (family connected with the temple) where the offerings of Nurum Palum (rice flour and milk), Kuruthi (a red liquid made of turmeric and lime) and cooked rice are made. The oldest female member of the family carries the idol of the Nagaraja and the procession is conducted with great pomp and rejoicing .

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